CBCT Scan Referrals
in Selby

The Crescent Dental practice welcomes CBCT scan referrals from dental colleagues at other practices across Yorkshire.

A CBCT scan offers you a wealth of 3D information and high definition imaging to support your case planning without the need to invest in additional technology.

These X-ray images help towards the diagnosis, treatment planning and follow up of patients with conditions affecting the head, face, teeth and jaw. A CBCT scan is invaluable for the more complicated procedures such as endodontics, oral surgery and prosthodontics, including complex implant cases.

Whenever a 3D image is required we are able to take the scan in our X-ray room. The procedure is quick and easy for your patient.

Refer with confidence

When you refer a patient to us we will ensure that you are always kept fully informed and updated on your patient's progress. Once their CBCT scan with us is complete, your patient will be referred back to you for all continuing care.

We will always respect your patients' views and address any queries or concerns that they may have before starting any treatment; we will ensure that they are happy and comfortable through every stage of the process.

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